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We Want You!

We'd love to hear from you because...

Transgender Connection - Trans Across America

  • Perhaps where you are, they don't understand? Is it taboo? Or maybe you come from a very traditional or religious background? Did you have to move to be you?

  • What about family? One of the biggest hurdles of all. (We know, we get it.) Were you alienated or embraced?

  • Relationships... tough at the best of times. Were you were married and had to tell your partner? Maybe that’s still something ahead of you. Perhaps you found wedded bliss as you danced down the isle with your partner!

  • Supporting friends are great. Who stood by you and who have you lost? Or are there people in your life who still don’t know? Not everyone can put themselves in our shoes – no matter what shoes we wear!

  • Maybe you transitioned later in life. (That takes guts.) Or did you know as soon as you could talk? (That’s not easy either… no transition ever is.)

  • Transitioning yet keeping your job is tough. How was it for you? Or are you about to take that huge step? Does your job make it harder to be who you are? A firefighter, farmer, trucker, politician, or in the military?

  • Being trans is not one-size-fits-all. Do you feel non-binary? Transman? Transwoman? Or are you still figuring it out? Do you feel left out because you don’t fit within whatever part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum? 

  • We believe that by showing different people on this transgender road trip across America we can show others how crucial it is that we're seen as who we are. That's why we need to hear from you.

One of our team, Nicola (who will be the one talking with you) was a club and radio DJ before she transitioned. So, if you’re a musician, DJ, play in a band, producer, composer, concert organizer, lighting engineer, gig-lover... then we’d particularly love to hear from you!

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