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What's the Big Idea?

Trans-Across-America. Nicola Jane Chase

Nicola Jane Chase

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To transition is to be who you are. But it's not for the faint of heart.  


I transitioned in New York where I had the help of family and friends. There's also a supportive LGBT community and dedicated healthcare. That made me wonder how much harder it must be if you live in a place where gender variance is less acceptable, or even seen as freaky or weird. How alone do you feel if you are trans but live in Alabama, or Idaho, or Kentucky? Just how brave do you - do we - need to be?

Starting in New York, and crossing the country, TRANS ACROSS AMERICA will be an unique TV road trip. I believe that by showing others how normal it is to be trans - and how essential it is that we are in the right gender - we can shift perceptions of how others see us. I'm thrilled to have partnered with award-winning director Jill Salvino, and renowned cinematographer Chris Vernale to make this road trip happen. I'm also bringing my dog along for the ride.

However, we need your help. I know there are trans people across the United States with tales to tell. We want to hear those stories. Some of those experiences might be tough to talk about, but you'll be among friends. Maybe you're in transition, post-transition, or not in transition at all. You could be transmasculine, transfeminine, or anything in between. You maybe don't even want to put a label on yourself; don't worry, we won't either.

But for this project to happen, we need you!

Trans Across America DOG
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